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"Maya Yoga was a joyful retreat, every aspect was cared for and the group quickly became friends. Frederica’s energy guided us throughout the 8 days of yoga, philosophy, meditation, massage, African dance, body soul movement, ceremony and discussions. We kindly supported each other through this joyful journey. The food by Josh was delicious and plentiful, with beautiful attention to detail and a taste-bud opening experience for any non-vegetarian. Wonderful food and care. I would highly recommend the retreat, the surrounding environment was stunning, great for walks and the beach was a paradise. In May the flowers left the air sweet and warm."

from Europe

"Federica reminds our bodies how they can naturally move, she helped me to remove my mind from the experience of having a massage and allow another person's healing touch to release locked in tensions and toxins. Once this healing starts, the unlimited future unfolds before us - thank you Federica. I would recommend all therapists in natural healing and therapies to go on one of Federica's workshops. She will re-inspire you to find the strength and healing you have inside and show you how to reconnect with the body, breath and each other."
~Yolanda, ayurvedic doctor

"This was a workshop like no other...the blend of african dance, movement, breath and visualisation work, mixed with massage, meditation and much more was like a dose of healthy food for the body and soul. It was an amazing experience to work with Federica and the ways she leads you into release work is seamless. I wish for everyone to do the body soul movement workshop as after doing it you will most likely realise how robotic our society has become and how sad that is. The workshop allows your inner child to come out and play in a safe and fun environment, you also have the freedom to express blocked emotions and the support and guidance is there to help you do so."

Amy Bell
Actress from the U.K.

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